The SPLENDA® Brand is the #1 brand in the low-calorie sweetener (LCS) category and the most recognizable in the world. We want to inspire people to live healthier by enjoying their food choices. For years, we have delivered a variety of options with simple solutions to help consumers achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle without sacrificing taste. Our portfolio of products reinforces our position as a category leader with more delicious new products to come.

America’s Favorite Sweetener

Our original SPLENDA® Sweeteners are a perfect choice for baking, sweetening drinks and more, having sold more than 100 billion packets since its launch in 1992.

100% Natural, Nothing Artificial

Our SPLENDA® Naturals Stevia Sweetener products get their unique sweetness from one of the tastiest parts of the stevia leaf: Reb D. By using Reb D, we have truly unlocked the naturally sweet taste of stevia with no bitter aftertaste like other stevia sweeteners. SPLENDA® Naturals is 100% natural with no artificial flavors or colors, no preservatives and only non-GMO ingredients.

Take Sweetness To Go

Zero calories. Zero carbs. Zero sugars. Zero effort. SPLENDA ZERO® Liquid Sweetener is the easy, no calorie way to sweeten drinks until they’re just right.

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